The world today can be a very complicated place. There are too many choices, too much information and too little guidance. In order to make the ‘right’ choice, many families turn to the services of the skilled and talented staff at Educational Options, one of New England’s oldest educational consulting practices.
Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, the dedicated staff of Educational Options work across a broad spectrum to determine the best fit for our clients and their families. Whatever the assignment, Educational Options staff are prepared to offer professional and compassionate services to students and their families from around the country and worldwide.


We specialize in advising for:

  • Colleges
  • Boarding and Independent Day Schools
  • Programs and Schools for Troubled Teens
  • Specialized Boarding Schools

Educational Options also offers

  • 504 and IEP advice
  • Psychoeducational Assessments

OK, so why should I hire a consultant in this economy? Why can’t I just do this myself? Look around and what do you see-an ocean of guide books, the web, blogs, advice from family and friends and other unsolicited advice.

Here are some answers:

  • Get it right the First Time – Save precious dollars and time.
  • Rest easy
    • The selection and application process can be very stressful. We can take away the stress and the arguments and act as an independent advisor searching for the right fit. Have you had any arguments lately about choice or selection?
  • We kick the tires for you – Educational Options staff visit colleges, schools and therapeutic settings on a regular basis throughout the year. While guide books and on-line resources may be helpful, there is no substitute for a hands-on visit.

So choosing us can save you money, ease family stress and zero in on making appropriate choices the first time.

There is no charge for an initial phone interview, so call:



5 Suburban Rd Apt 603

Worcester, MA 01602

Looking for the right school or program for your child with ADHD, learning disabilities or behavioral issues? Renee Goldberg will find it! A fantastic service – saving parents the stress and countless hours of the search. This is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your child – you’ll want Renee by your side through the entire process.”

–Joan Celebi, Ed.M., CLC

Founder and President, www.SpecialNeedsParentCoach.com

Before you check out the catalogs, college websites, or go on a school visit, Educational Options should be your first call. Renee Goldberg and the staff at Educational Options provide excellent advice and guidance on choosing a school or college. Their valuable insight is instrumental in making the right choices and their expertise makes your son or daughter stand out against thousands of others. Educational Options made our children’s school and college application process enjoyable and effective!

– CA, Boston suburb

“I have been meaning to write to you to update you on Susan.  She is doing FABULOUS!  She loves Lynn. It’s been a great fit. The Institute has been phenomenal. The support they offer is great and Susan has been taking advantage of it all. She has gotten herself into a routine of going for one on one tutoring sessions on a regular basis.  Some days she is there 6 hours!  Socially she has made some friends. I think she has found out she’s not a party animal.  Parents love to hear that. ..  I am so proud of her. ..  We are heading off tonight to visit her for Family Weekend.  I’ll try to send some pictures.”

– From parent in suburb south west of Boston