Published article & worksheet found on the Learning Disabilities Worldwide, Inc. web site:

The College Decision: How to Choose Which One to Attend

The College Decision: A Worksheet

Published article found on the Learning Disabilities Worldwide, Inc. web site:

I’m In, I’m Going, Now What? Practical Advice for College Bound Students with Learning Disabilities

The Transition to College for Students with LD and AD/HD: The Educational Consultant’s Role

IECA Insights June/July 2004 by Renee Goldberg, Ed.D., C.E.P

Ten Utah Site Visits – Woodbury Reports 2003 (PDF)

By Renee Goldberg, Ed.D., and Marvin Goldberg, MSW

Visit Report to the King George School, Phoenix Outdoor Education Center,Spruce Mountain Inn, and Hampshire Country School – Woodbury Reports 2003

Self-Advocacy Skills: Development and Practice before College – The Post Secondary LD Report 1998

Developing Community Faculty: Principles, Practice and Evaluation. T .G. DeWitt, R.L. Goldberg, K.B. Roberts, American Journal of Diseases of Children January 1993.

Faculty Development for Pediatricians: Complexities in Teaching Clinical Precepting. K.B. Roberts, R.L. Goldberg, T .G. DeWitt. Adolescence. July 1993.

The Learning Disabled College Student: Problem Areas and Coping Strategies. AHSPPE Journal, August 1984.

Though published almost 20 years ago, this is a classic article. The journal has been renamed to be the official journal of AHEAD, the Association on Higher Education and Disability.


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American Association of Certified Educational Planners (AICEP)

Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD)

Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA)

Learning Disabilities Association (LDA)

Learning Disabilities Worldwide  (LDW)

National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

Small Boarding Schools Association


Certified Educational Planner (C.E.P.)
June 1, 2007-June 1, 2012

Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Certification as a Teacher of Moderate Special Needs and Secondary English


Mainstreaming in the Elementary School

The Experience of Adolescence

Introduction to Educational Psychology

Field Experience: Special Education and Human Services

Individualized Educational Planning

Supervised Student Teaching in Special Education

Material and Methods in Moderate Special Needs

Teaching Skills for Physicians (including Learning Styles, Educational Planning, Evaluation and Feedback)


Inclusion Models for Middle School and High School; Understanding the Learning Disabled Child

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Psycho-educational Diagnosis: The Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-educational Battery – Revised

College Admission for the Learning-Disabled Student; An Integrated Program for Serving Medical Students with Learning Disabilities


January, 2007

Marvin and Renee to be part of a dvd guide for college-bound students with AD/HD and learning disabilities.

October, 2006

Marvin and Renee Goldberg were the featured speakers at the ADHD Society
of the Philippines 3rd National Conference in Manilla October 19-21.
More than 900 persons attended, and the Goldbergs presented four sessions,
participated in a panel discussion, and appeared on local TV and in several
newspapers. The theme of the conference was ADHD and Adolescents. Marvin
and Renee are among a select group of IECA consultants who have been
featured speakers at international professional