Few events in a student’s life have as great an impact as attending college or university. At the same time, gaining admission to college today is extremely difficult. There are more students, too few spaces and the competition is intense. The decision can be overwhelming and the process stressful.

At Educational Options we begin with a planning session to assess strengths and determine current and future educational goals. Educational Options, LLC staff will work with a student and family to develop an appropriate admissions strategy which includes:

  • College selection
  • Application, resume and essay review
  • Interview techniques
  • Overseeing the application process
  • Advocating for the student with college admissions officers

Our personalized approach to college admissions will:

  • Reduce student and family stress
  • Improve a students chances for admission
  • Enhance the college experience


If a student is not thriving in the current school setting, a change in school may be appropriate. Parents often choose independent day or boarding school to offer students an alternative to traditional public or parochial school education.

A new school may be the right setting for a student who:

  • Wants stronger preparation for college
  • Is not challenged in the present school setting
  • Has a specific and unique talent
  • Is gifted and needs validation
  • May benefit from a gentle nudge towards improving academic skills
  • May not ‘fit’ in a large, impersonal school

For parents who want a boarding school situation, there are many choices in New England and throughout the U.S. which offer a blend of academic, cultural and social activities.

At Educational Options we will recommend schools that match a student’s interests and needs.

Educational Options will:

  • Evaluate academic records
  • Explore a student’s skills, interests and talents
  • Recommend appropriate schools
  • Review applications
  • Assist with essays, interviews and visits
  • Act as the liaison between family and school


What is a specialty school? When a student has special needs, and mainstream classes, learning assistance, or tutoring are not enough to help him or her succeed, families may want to consider a specialty school.

A chief feature of specialty schools is their low staff to student ratio, often approaching 1 to 1, and many times 2 to 1. Specialized methods such as Orton Gillingham or Wilson are often used, with extensive individual and small group tutorial sessions.

Often the tuition at specialty schools is higher than at mainstream schools because of the intense student support. Some students are able to attend for a year or two and return to their public or private schools; other students experiencing success at specialty schools stay until graduation from middle or high school.

Educational Options staff visit specialty schools on a regular basis and have current clients attending many of these schools. We have significant years of education and more than 25 years of experience with specialty schools. We can steer your family in the right direction the first time, in a manner that is both professional and empathetic.



For some young persons, coping in today’s world can be confusing and even dangerous. They cannot manage in their present environment and may need to enroll in a program/school for troubled teens that can manage, treat and improve their situation. A troubled teen may have:

  • Significant learning differences, short attention span, poor study habits, insufficient motivation
  • Emotional or behavioral issues, substance abuse, family problems, out-of-control behavior, abuse, eating disorders, psychosis, severe learning disabilities, AD/HD, Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Increasing involvement with the judicial system

Students requiring our services are not doing well at home and need professional assistance and intervention. It is not as simple as searching the web for answers, as there are many programs throughout the country which offer a wide range of services. Parents should be aware that their child needing this type of service might not be a willing participant in the admissions process.

Educational Options will search for the most appropriate program/school, and will guide and support the family through the continuum of services to produce a positive outcome.

Parents of a troubled teen may consider a variety of settings including:

  • residential treatment centers
  • home-based residential programs
  • transitional independent living programs
  • emotional growth schools
  • wilderness programs
  • outdoor therapeutic programs

In emergency situations, we are usually able to arrange placement within 24-48 hours at a program/school for troubled teens.


We provide psychoeducational assessments in our  Worcester offices. Academic, psychological, and assessments for learning disabilities and ad/hd are available.


For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us at 508.459.9158 or 617.864.8864.


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